People and Places

Yesterday someone asked me what my favorite city to shoot in was, I said, my studio. Does that count?  I really do love having a space to just focus in one someone without distractions.  I love the light, the walls, the floors the giant window that illuminates the place.  I love waking up in the morning and feeling excitement knowing I have somewhere to go and work away from dishes and laundry and tv.   

I just got scans back from a few months ago when my sister-in-law was still pregnant with my nephew George (who I will meet for the first time in a few day... SO EXCITED!)  She was such a lovely glowing pregnant woman and I am so happy I was able to have her sit for me.  I hope they will always remind her of the special bond and connection she has with her son.

Grateful for my space, grateful for the people I know who let me take advantage of thier beauty and grateful for a voice to share them with.